Certificate IV in Information Technology

South Regional TAFE, Albany Campus, Western Australia

About this Certificate IV website

Last semester, after completing a Certificate III in Information Technology, I decided to create a web site that recapped on everything I had learnt then (you can find my Certificate III site here). In the same fashion, I am creating this web site in the hope that others may find it interesting or informative too, and a good way to remind myself of the most important IT concepts I learnt at SR TAFE so they are less likely to fade from my memory, as well as being online now for me to refer to as needed.

Here's the Certificate, a nationally-recognised qualification.

Certificate IV

Subjects studied in IT Certificate IV

I have categorised these subjects into four main components of the course, which you can see on the sidebar on the left-hand side of this web page:

  1. Programming
  2. Web Design
  3. Databases
  4. Law, Tech Support & VMs

Click any of these links to visit their respective pages and you will be able to see (and admire!) what I created in the course of my Certificate IV. Our timetable spanned five days a week, Monday to Friday; as mentioned, the course was of roughly six months' duration, from the end of January to late June 2017. There is plenty of eye candy among these pages, as well as documents (i.e. MS Word .doc/.docx, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations) for you to download and read at your leisure, according to your personal taste and interest in the numerous fields of IT.

I am most proud of the screenshots of my two database assessments, which you will find on the Databases page.

Who knows? Perhaps I can persuade you to hire me to develop a database for your own business one day... with competitive rates, friendly service and IT excellence that can't be matched!