Certificate IV in Information Technology

South Regional TAFE, Albany Campus, Western Australia

The purpose of this site

This site is designed to help me remember, internalise and recap on the subject matter I have studied over the past six months, as well as being an exercise in itself in basic web design. I really enjoyed this course and am keen to pursue various projects in my spare time relating to IT which will draw upon the topics we undertook as part of our Cert IV, as well as other pursuits that could conceivably aid me on my way to a career in IT and the opportunity to contribute my share of creativity, passion and enthusiasm to the world of computing.

Certificate IV

Studying Information technology at South Regional TAFE was definitely worth doing, what with the constant exposure to an endless stream of IT knowledge in class and the sterling example of the lecturers in their professional and business-like approach to IT. We assimilated concepts relating to OHS and hardware in Certificate III (in 2016) and we were informed that Certificate IV was going to be much more programming-centric than before. When I first had a look at the timetable I remarked to a friend that Wednesdays sounded very boring; a lot of the other students found it boring but I actually found it quite interesting; the theoretical study gave a much-needed boost to my knowledge of humanities and the law, and I am now much more skilled in assisting clients both in person and via an online help desk or system.

Cert IV Timetable

Going into business

Now that I have completed this high-level, nationally recognised training, I intend to pursue my interest in databases within the IT industry in Albany as a freelance database designer and developer. If you are interested in having me design a database for your day-to-day business operations, please contact me on 0421 028 606 during normal business hours and we can discuss the prospect of implementing a solution that is right for you.

Outside regular business hours (9am-5pm Monday-Friday, Perth time), please contact me via email and I will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.