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Test Templates for Business Productivity

In November 2016, we created a test template in which to analyse the queries we were to run via our MySQL interface. Just as it sounds like, we were given a template to work with as a Microsoft Word document with blank fields ready for data entry, and we were required to list the following just as if we were in a simulated business environment:

Test Case Template

Then there were our Pre-conditions/Dependencies:

And finally, our Test Environment:

I concluded my cover page by saying Please note: The screenshots of the expected and actual results of the queries used are too big to fit visibly in this test template. Please refer to the PDF or folder "Test Template snips" for full-size snips of my queries as executed in the SQL environment. Unfortunately, they were just way too big and so I felt it was profitable to put them all in PDF format, which you can download here:

Test template snips

Figure 19: Test Template Snips from our James Bond database [PDF: 412KB]
(Click image to open)

What was actually expected to fit into our test template was the following information:

Step # Test Steps Test Data Expected Result Actual Result Status (PASS/FAIL) Notes
[data] [data] [data] [data] [data] [data] [data]
[data] [data] [data] [data] [data] [data] [data]

And so on. Click here for the actual PDF document [383KB] containing the test results; as you will notice, it is extremely cramped and was a difficult exercise to get right without expanding certain columns and creating a separate PDF, as I did concurrently with the PDF linked to above in Figure 19.

Data Dictionary

This actually came before our ER diagrams, as we had to separate the data we were given in one huge spreadsheet into smaller relations that could be made into a database. Click here to see the spreadsheet [Excel: 12KB] I designed for an idea of the data we were working with.

Project Proposal

This was ostensibly the very first thing we should have been working on, but many of us left it until we had done our ER diagrams and data dictionaries. The test templates, of course, came after we had created the database and started running SQL queries.

What is a project proposal and why the need for it? Well, as I have alluded to previously, we are expected to treat our study environment as though it were a professional workplace environment. Certificate III weeded out the kids who just didn't take it seriously and who thought they could show up without the collared shirts we had been asked to wear and just crack jokes, gossip and look up memes all day long, as well as cut class whenever they felt like it. Certificate III was significantly harder than Certificate II and this factor blindsided a couple of the guys doing the course. Most of them actually did do a significant amount of work, and there was a massive workload for such a short course, especially in Hardware.

But I digress. A project proposal is a liaison between client and developer/manager in which the entirety of the project to be done is outlined. What we wanted to do was to create a relational database within an SQL development environment, and that is exactly what we did. The project proposal outlined how we were to go about it. Consider referring to my own project proposal here [Word .doc format: 93KB] to see how it's done.

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